Feed the clownfish with bitcoin lightning while watching the livestream!




Pay 100 sats BTC Lightning!


(Feeding is available from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm Japan time.)


(Give it to me when the LED in the lower left corner of the screen is green!)




【Pay with other crypto assets】


(There is no minimum amount, it is up to you. The assets received will be used to budget for water tank equipment and expansion.)




・ETH     0x667e2B3415C5BECa30fB4599A5391cc6b9cA3E54


・MONA MJp1FwnJz3N9zaV8jAXLiReakK4NVUP58V


・XRP  rhwpHkV3KDThZgotvRk73rj6xdP1sAbs43


・BTC  bc1qr878jtunwgsmqlxx82axxcysqvma765t5hfejt


・DOGE D8W7fMQJjy4PouMkEEBcXBqhXC3t2Sxbn2